Yes You Can. Especially Now

Yes You Can. Especially Now

Yeah, I get it. Costs are rising.   

When I fill fuel for my cars I look in despair and ponder what luxuries I could buy instead. And many who jumped on the housing market because of FOMO are now looking at interest rates and think was it really worth it?  

And many think because of this, together with grocery shop increases and energy bills going up there is no chance of any savings being made.  

But I have been in this game a long time. I am a firm believer that everyone, no matter how rich or poor, with low income or high, can make and generate savings.  

These savings may come about because you move your car insurance, or life insurance, move to a different broadband provider, move credit card provider or loan provider or simply cease using Uber Eats.  

But often, I think most households need to have frank conversations about wasteful spending. It’s worse if you have high incomes or consider yourself wealthy. You see if you have high income, you are not too concerned about being on the cheapest mobile phone tariff or if your current car insurance is the best deal.  

It also explains why lower income families are better at managing their money than higher income families. Because they must whereas for higher income families it is option.    

But irrespective of income we all need to eat, pay bills, rent or pay a mortgage and most need to travel.  

Often when clients see us and tell us they are struggling to make ends meet we are often told there is nothing more they can do. In other words, they are saying 100% of their spending is right and to be honest, I have never met anyone who has achieved that. I don’t think it is possible or achievable.  

Money is a fundamental part of our lives, but getting help when we need it is often hard to come by. If you have little money a financial planner will not let you through the door because you have no money for fees to be paid. Banks won’t give too hoots about you either. Debt lines and charities will help the desperate, but not the ones with a need.   

Some accountants may help but again you need some ready cash to hand. And some accountants like me who refuse to become a financial planner (because I hate  checklist form filling) can’t help because I am not regulated, which means I would need to know all your financial affairs, including the number of tattoos you have and the need to confirm your mother is really your mother.  

Which shows just how messed up our financial system is. Lower income families don’t do risky – the capital is too valuable for that. They mostly want to keep it simple and reduce their expenses. And I cannot see why ordinary accountants and people in the know can’t do that.  

So, until someone in Government thinks this would be a good idea, most families will not have access to help they need which means all you can do is the basics. Look at what you are spending your dosh on as ask ‘How do I do this cheaper.’  


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