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Business blocks

How do you build a financial foundation of low taxes and protect all assets?
A financial foundation is like when you build a house. If you want to build one of straws the foundation does not need to be solid. Rough ground will do but then you run the risk of it blowing away when a small storm comes.

Build one of wood and the foundation needs to be stronger than that of a straw house, but chances are a major storm will still blow it over.

A low-set house of brick requires a solid concrete foundation. Storms don’t blow them over. But if you want a double-story home, then you need a stronger foundation than if you just want a low-set brick home. If you don’t, your house will fall over.

Business blocks

When it comes to a financial foundation it is no different. If we want cash to be piled on top of cash, then the financial foundation must be strong, or it leaks away. And then your money will fall over, and you lose it.

At WOW! Advisors Group we will work with you to create a foundation helping you

  • have a structure that pays the least amount of taxes
  • make sure your assets are protected even when things do not appear to be going great.
Cash Flow

Maximise Cashflow

Cash Flow

Without cash you cannot create financial freedom. And cash is created from net income. The logic is that if you want to generate maximum cash you must generate the maximum amount of net income.

Most businesses concentrate on sales. Net income and sales are very different and focusing on sales instead of net income is a disaster for most businesses.

We will help and work with you so you

  • Understanding your figures.
  • Use those figures to generate or create more cash.
  • Ensure your business runs its operations efficiently to create more cash.

You need to plan for what happens to your money after you’re gone. We will work with you to identify.

 how much wealth (everything you own that has value less all debt) you need

  • How to use cash to make investments to generate wealth,
  • How to create future income and
  • The people you want get your wealth.

Wealth and Financial Freedom


When you have cash, you need to invest it, so it grows and generates wealth but at the same time generates an income. The income does not have to come now but in the future.

This income is generated even if you spend a whole year on Waikiki Beach. It’s great when you retire and can rely on income coming in to live your lifestyle but then what?

You spend your whole life working your gluteus maximus off, then you inject money into investments and build wealth. But then someone who you may not care about comes along and rips it either from your hands or your deathbed. You may think it won’t happen to you but it could.


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