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An Expert Team with a difference

Founded in 2011 WOW! Advisors Group was set up with the aim of building close relationships with clients to deliver not just compliance work but real value by way of business advisory.

We find that most businesspeople want 3 things:

  • To pay the least amount in taxes
  • To maximise profit and cashflow
  • Build wealth for the future

The firm then build a system which leads to financial freedom, a topic most accountants do not talk about. And this is what makes the WOW! Advisors Group so different.

Taxes are important. But living a life and building wealth is more important.

The WOW! Advisors Group is passionate about giving back because we have learnt that generating money and wealth is not enough. We need to be fulfilled, which giving does.

Our vision is to impact families worldwide via profit improvement and tax savings so that we will make 10 Million impacts by 2030. We do this via our partnership with B1G1 who joined the UN and helping it achieve the 17 Sustainable Goals by 2030. Click here to see the global impacts we have made.


What We Stand For

Our mission is to educate business owners so that they work smarter not harder and can achieve financial freedom.

Our aim is to empower business owners to become true business owners not business operators. Our specialist team work with our clients through active and constant communication & education.

The WOW! Advisors Team

Our awesome team is consistently making a difference to our clients. Our team works with business on not only taxes and accounting but also realise that many business owners may not be achieving full potential. Our team then devise specific strategies to reduce hours, increase income and help them become financially free.  

Hitesh Mohanlal

Hitesh Mohanlal



Ros Park

Senior Account Manager


Mia Guo

Business Services Expert


Sonia Nuqui

Business Services Expert


Nhan Nguyen

Business Services Expert


Mae Tiongson

Business Services Expert


Jose Nuqui

Business Services Expert

Heena Mohanlal

Heena Mohanlal

Business Services Expert

Jerome Abaro

Jerome Abaro

Business Services Expert


Joanne Tagupa

Admin Staff

Fel picture

Felomina Estioko

Personal Assistant/Admin Staff

Fel picture scaled

Quincy Tumanut

Business Services Expert

We Love the Work We Do…. And It Shows

Testimonial 14

“WOW! Advisors have been our accountants and advisors for some years.

 When we first started working together it was mostly relating to our tax affairs but over time, they encouraged us to consider how we could make our money work better and showed us the value of good financial advice.

 We feel comfortable with their advice and who they recommend to us.

Kirsten & Sean Tinsley

Testimonial 13

“Just wanted to say how incredibly impressed and blown away with you and the team you have (especially Ros).

 You were handed an incredible task and mess. You have never complained or said it was too hard. Not only that you have really gone above and beyond with what is required to fix my problems. I cannot express how truly appreciative I am.”

Saul Nelson – Nelson Audio

Testimonial 12

“Hitesh and the team have been absolutely invaluable in my business – I simply couldn’t do without them.

 Through their bookkeeping, tax planning and advisory my business finances have gone from something I really didn’t enjoy to feeling completely on top of everything and in control of my finances.

 I can’t recommend Hitesh and the team highly enough to any business owner.”

Natasha Howie – Ascent Media

Testimonial 11

“We feel comfortable approaching WOW! Advisors & the team with any questions or queries we have such as running our business, challenges, or business expansion. Their advice is clear, easy to understand and allows us to make a decisions that is appropriate for us and our business.  They always make us feel welcomed and like a valued client.”

Olaf & Yumi – Yo Food Pty Ltd

Testimonial 10

I was fortunate to use the services of Hitesh and WOW! Advisors for a number of years when we owned and ran a rapidly growing online business.

 Hitesh took on the responsibility of not only dealing with our taxation responsibilities but also giving us sage advice on managing cash flow and making the business a lot more efficient.

 We were lucky enough to take a full day out of the business and workshop the potential of the business, and how we as owners could step back from the day to day, and make the business run more on its own and without our constant attention.

 Based on processes we put into place from this advice, we were able to sell the business in a very short amount of time, and for above market value.

At one time or another we had dealings with the whole team at WOW, and all of them were consummate professionals. To this day, I still keep my personal accounts with the business, and always ask Hitesh for advice on financial matters.”

Wayne Shelley – Ex Owner TagNBrag

Testimonial 9

“We are very grateful to the team at WOW! Advisors for all they have done for us from business advisory to wealth creation.

They are always available for us, easy to communicate with and always work in our best interests of my family. They do all we ask and do it on time.”

Fadi & Ofelia Soueidan JKS Family Trust

Testimonial 8

“I have been meeting monthly with Hitesh for the last 6 years working on profit improvement and financial wealth. 

 This has transformed my business into a high functioning financial business which in turn has given me the freedom to work ‘on’ my business rather than always just ‘in’ it.

 Highly recommend you take control of your financials with Hitesh.”

Carrie Rose, Approved Provider Rosies Early Learning and Founder of The ROSE Way Consultancy.

Testimonial 7

“We have been using WOW Advisors for all our accountancy needs for the past 10 years.

If you are seeking efficiency, reliability and honesty with your accountant and the added benefits of financial planning, then this up to date, progressive and yet personal practice is one we would highly recommend both commercially and personally.”

Carole & John Phillips – Philips Family Trust

Testimonial 6

“Hitesh and his team at WOW! Advisors have been supporting us in our business and personal affairs for some years now.  

 We have been through many changes and challenges over this time, and to know that we have a team who are genuinely interested in getting us the right outcomes has helped us through. 

Hitesh’s counsel is always clear, well explained and allows us to make educated decisions.   I have particularly enjoyed the regular notes he sends to his customers.  He has a witty, down-to-earth writing style and his messages are always on point.”

Ali Usher – Solutions Crane Pty Ltd

Testimonial 5

“Financial advice and assistance has been an important measure required to steer our business through difficult and challenging times.

Hitesh & Wow Advisors have become that sounding board for the Management team here at AJ Parkes & Co Pty Ltd.”

Derek Walton – AJ Parkes Pty Ltd

Testimonial 4

“Hitesh has the power to change your business your financial future and your lifestyle. He has made a profound impact on my business and wife finances.”

Joe A. Varghese – Freudian Couch Pty Ltd

Testimonial 3

“Hitesh is extremely knowledgeable both as a business advisor and as a chartered accountant. His understanding of the challenges in running a business at all levels is excellent and his ability to solve these challenges is even better especially if you want to take back control of your life and your business.”

Jas Mistry – QMC

Ros Park

Ros started as a graduate in 2014 and is a Qualified CPA and Senior Account Manager. She stay connected with all clients to make sure everything is running smoothly.

She loves dogs and playing golf! 

Unusual fact: The Australian Government were not willing to renew her work Visa because they thought her written English was not adequate. She proved them wrong by qualifying as a CPA!

Mia Guo

Mia started as an Intern in 2016 and through personal dedication qualified as a CPA in 2021 and is our Business Services Expert.

Loves spending time with her young daughter and enjoying food with her Hubby who is a real ‘foodie’.

Unusual fact: Mia gets 2 birthday presents a year because she has 2 official birthdays. Apparently, there was a mix up and she has a ‘real’ date and an ‘official’ date.

Sonia Nuqui

Sonia has been with the Group since 2017 and is our awesome bookkeeper and business accounts expert. No matter what we throw at her she takes it on with a smile.

She’s dedicated to her children Amara and Gavin.

Unusual fact: In her past life Sonia was a frustrated auditor!

Nhan Nguyen

Nhan is an Intern Graduate who started in late 2020 and has become a popular team member. Polite, friendly, and softly spoken he is very popular with our clients.

Being one of the youngest in the team when it comes to drinking, he is still sober when everyone else has collapsed.

Unusual fact : Nhan owns a bull terrier named Hank and loves to take him for walks. Except it always turns out that Hank makes Nhan walk more than he would like. And Friday is his day to shine because he is appointed ‘the boss’ of the WOW! Advisors Group on that day.

Mae Tiongson

Mae joined the team in 2020 and quickly became the team member with the biggest smile with a bubbly personality to go with it.

Mae is a family person and is married. Mae finds gardening as her best hobby & loves the sea as a travel destination.

Unusual fact: She owns a betta fish (Siamese fighting fish) named A.

Jose Nuqui

Jose is our dedicated bookkeeper and also husband to Sonia, our business accounts expert.

Jose likes sports especially basketball and biking.

Unusual fact: Jose owned and operated a small grocery store before joining the WOW! Team.

Heena Mohanlal

Heena started with WOW! Advisors as a bookkeeper on a temporary basis but loved it so much (something must be wrong with her) that she made it a permanent move. She works 3 days a week with WOW! Advisors. She is the mother of 2 boys and is the wife of our principal Hitesh, although she is upset that she does not get any special privileges for being the principal’s wife!

Unusual fact: Heena is a former Mrs. Universe who has her own business called Celebrity Makeovers, a unique, and exclusive make up and glamour business.

Jerome Abaro

Jerome is an accountancy graduate and is a bookkeeper within the WOW! Group. He is also the proud furparent to a mixed-breed dog named Astrid. Astrid is a beautiful blend of Husky and Japanese Spitz. As the day comes to a close, Jerome finds solace in watching the sunset and later admiring the beauty of the moon at night.

Fun Fact: Jerome is an avid anime fan and can watch an entire season in just one day! Whenever asked about his favorite place to visit, he always mentions “the beach.”

Joanne Tagupa

Joanne started with WOW! Advisors on the marketing side looking after social media and loves creating unique graphics. She proved she had great attention to detail and now not only looks after the marketing function but also the entire administration function of the firm.

Joanne loves cooking and gardening.  

Unusual fact:  Not a lover of sports but instantly became a soccer mom on her 46th birthday when her two boys joined a football team.

Felomina Estioko

FeIomina (also known as Ynuh – pronounced Ina) is Hitesh’s personal assistant. She also assists with other Administration functions of the firm. She is fascinated with manga/manhwa (cartoon and comics) and anime movies. She loves hiking with her friends from the Hare Krishna Community and is fascinated by the epic tales of the Mahabharata and Gilgamesh.

Unusual fact: She is a frustrated artist.

Quincy Tumanut

Quincey joined the team in 2023 and is our fast-learning bookkeeper who is super organised and systematic.

She is family oriented with 3 intelligent children and a supportive husband. She is a pro cook and as she has a forestry qualification knows a thing or two about nurturing plants.

Unusual fact: Quincy is a volunteer for a radio station and co-hosts a Christian program intended for mothers that airs every Tuesday morning.


Joanne started with WOW! Advisors on the marketing side looking after social media and loves creating unique graphics. She proved she had great attention to detail and now not only looks after the marketing function but also the entire administration function of the firm.

Joanne loves cooking and gardening.  

Unusual fact:  Not a lover of sports but instantly became a soccer mom on her 46th birthday when her two boys joined a football team.

Neat Ward

Not many accountants can offer their clients an administration person to assist in their business either on or off site. Neat’s IT and social media marketing experience covers a diverse range of industries in Australia and Thailand.

Unusual fact: Neat doesn’t have cats or dogs at home but she has Kookaburras and Butcher Birds visiting almost every day as she likes to hand feed them. Some of her friends call her ‘bird lady’.  

Zen Nambatac

Zen has been with the WOW! Group since 2013 and is our Administration Superstar.

Zen is active in her community and always willing to help others. Mother of five children with her 3 girls keeping her busy most of the time. Oh ….. she has so many pets we think operates a Zoo.

Unusual fact: Zen is an IT graduate and before joining the WOW! Group was a tricycle driver.

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