The Ultimate Guide For A Wildly Successful Business


We believe businesses should help us live the life we want But often business owners find they slowly become a slave to their business which requires more time, effort and resources.

We have created a business owner’s ultimate guide to a successful business, working less hours but still allowing you to make a difference.

This 29 page guide shows:

  • How to identify if you are Artist, Manager or Entrepreneur
  • The power of coaches and mentors
  • Who are the most important people in your business (Tip: its not you!)
  • Bookkeepers can make or break your business
  • Why reducing taxes should not be a priority
  • How to understand and win the game of business     

The Ultimate Guide For Business Owners Who Want to pay Less Tax


Do you think there is a chance you may be over tipping the Taxman? You are not alone. We all want to pay less tax! This Ultimate Tax Guide shows business owners how they can run a successful profitable business and keep taxes to the minimum.

This 30 page guide shows:

  • Why Superannuation is a no brainer!
  • Why Investment Income should not come to you as an Income
  • Why Negative Gearing may mean negative cash
  • How having the wrong Tax Structure means less cash in your pocket
  • Why getting the right balance between low taxes and building wealth is essential.

Should you buy and investment property? Or would you be better off investing somewhere else?

Australia has a fascination with Property.

But is it as good as it seems?

This 16 page guide explains

  • What to consider before ‘jumping into property’
  • The costs of getting in, getting out and holding costs
  • Why negative gearing is not always good
  • Why you should avoid interest only loans
  • What are your alternatives