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There's More To It Than Just The Numbers

Yes, like most accountants we can do your taxes and accounting. But there is more to it then preparing your financials and calculating your taxes. It’s about setting up your structure correctly, maximising your profit and cashflow, and ultimately achieving financial freedom.

We Are Different

Pay Minimum Taxes

We all have to pay taxes but to pay more than you need should never happen. As part of our package we will review your taxes and ensure that the minimisation of taxes is always on our minds.

Free Phone Calls & Email

Our clients love the idea they can pick up the phone and call us or email us knowing that the clock is not ticking. We want to be an integral part of your business which means constant communication. We want to know what you are thinking of doing before you do it so that we can advise you of everything you need to be aware of before you make a final decision.

Review of Your Structure

We regularly review your structure to ensure it is still appropriate for you especially from an asset protection point of view.

Fixed Fees

With fixed fees agreed before we work with you, you know what it is going to cost so that you do not ever receive any surprises.

Maximise Profit & Cashflow

The purpose of being in business is to increase profit and maximise cashflow which will give you freedom in terms of hours worked. We will assist you by reviewing your current operations and strategies opportunities available to improve profit and cashflow whilst at the time reducing the hours you work in the business.

Invest & Create Wealth

Sometimes we get so preoccupied with day-to-day business operations that we forget the bigger picture. We get into business to make money with the idea that we will exit the business at some stage. The reason we get into business is so that we are in control of our destiny which includes our financial future. We will discuss with you on a regular basis how you invest to create wealth and ultimately financial freedom.

How can We help

Client Testimonials

Testimonial 14

“WOW! Advisors have been our accountants and advisors for some years.

 When we first started working together it was mostly relating to our tax affairs but over time, they encouraged us to consider how we could make our money work better and showed us the value of good financial advice.

 We feel comfortable with their advice and who they recommend to us.

Kirsten & Sean Tinsley

Testimonial 13

“Just wanted to say how incredibly impressed and blown away with you and the team you have (especially Ros).

 You were handed an incredible task and mess. You have never complained or said it was too hard. Not only that you have really gone above and beyond with what is required to fix my problems. I cannot express how truly appreciative I am.”

Saul Nelson – Nelson Audio

Testimonial 12

“Hitesh and the team have been absolutely invaluable in my business – I simply couldn’t do without them.

 Through their bookkeeping, tax planning and advisory my business finances have gone from something I really didn’t enjoy to feeling completely on top of everything and in control of my finances.

 I can’t recommend Hitesh and the team highly enough to any business owner.”

Natasha Howie – Ascent Media

Testimonial 11

“We feel comfortable approaching WOW! Advisors & the team with any questions or queries we have such as running our business, challenges, or business expansion. Their advice is clear, easy to understand and allows us to make a decisions that is appropriate for us and our business.  They always make us feel welcomed and like a valued client.”

Olaf & Yumi – Yo Food Pty Ltd

Testimonial 10

I was fortunate to use the services of Hitesh and WOW! Advisors for a number of years when we owned and ran a rapidly growing online business.

 Hitesh took on the responsibility of not only dealing with our taxation responsibilities but also giving us sage advice on managing cash flow and making the business a lot more efficient.

 We were lucky enough to take a full day out of the business and workshop the potential of the business, and how we as owners could step back from the day to day, and make the business run more on its own and without our constant attention.

 Based on processes we put into place from this advice, we were able to sell the business in a very short amount of time, and for above market value.

At one time or another we had dealings with the whole team at WOW, and all of them were consummate professionals. To this day, I still keep my personal accounts with the business, and always ask Hitesh for advice on financial matters.”

Wayne Shelley – Ex Owner TagNBrag

Testimonial 9

“We are very grateful to the team at WOW! Advisors for all they have done for us from business advisory to wealth creation.

They are always available for us, easy to communicate with and always work in our best interests of my family. They do all we ask and do it on time.”

Fadi & Ofelia Soueidan JKS Family Trust

Testimonial 8

“I have been meeting monthly with Hitesh for the last 6 years working on profit improvement and financial wealth. 

 This has transformed my business into a high functioning financial business which in turn has given me the freedom to work ‘on’ my business rather than always just ‘in’ it.

 Highly recommend you take control of your financials with Hitesh.”

Carrie Rose, Approved Provider Rosies Early Learning and Founder of The ROSE Way Consultancy.

Testimonial 7

“We have been using WOW Advisors for all our accountancy needs for the past 10 years.

If you are seeking efficiency, reliability and honesty with your accountant and the added benefits of financial planning, then this up to date, progressive and yet personal practice is one we would highly recommend both commercially and personally.”

Carole & John Phillips – Philips Family Trust

Testimonial 6

“Hitesh and his team at WOW! Advisors have been supporting us in our business and personal affairs for some years now.  

 We have been through many changes and challenges over this time, and to know that we have a team who are genuinely interested in getting us the right outcomes has helped us through. 

Hitesh’s counsel is always clear, well explained and allows us to make educated decisions.   I have particularly enjoyed the regular notes he sends to his customers.  He has a witty, down-to-earth writing style and his messages are always on point.”

Ali Usher – Solutions Crane Pty Ltd

Testimonial 5

“Financial advice and assistance has been an important measure required to steer our business through difficult and challenging times.

Hitesh & Wow Advisors have become that sounding board for the Management team here at AJ Parkes & Co Pty Ltd.”

Derek Walton – AJ Parkes Pty Ltd

Testimonial 4

“Hitesh has the power to change your business your financial future and your lifestyle. He has made a profound impact on my business and wife finances.”

Joe A. Varghese – Freudian Couch Pty Ltd

Testimonial 3

“Hitesh is extremely knowledgeable both as a business advisor and as a chartered accountant. His understanding of the challenges in running a business at all levels is excellent and his ability to solve these challenges is even better especially if you want to take back control of your life and your business.”

Jas Mistry – QMC

9 Steps To Financial Freedom

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Is the structure right for

Do you have the right structure? Will your current structure protect your business and personal assets, so you do not lose them? We will review this for you.

Tax Review

Are you paying too much

Are you paying the least amount in taxes? Can you pay less? We will do a full review for you every year.


What is working ?
What is not working ?

What is working for you? What is not working? We will help you identify areas your business can improve.


What do your figures say about your business ?

What are your numbers telling you? Numbers always tell a story, so it is a good story or a bad story? We analyse the figures for you and let you know.


How to make it abundant?

How can we use what the numbers tell us to increase cashflow and make it abundant.


How do we make it
better ?

What business opportunities exist or are available so that these can be taken advantage of so that profits and cash can increase?


How to we create long term
wealth ?

How and where do you invest to create long term wealth? We will work with your Financial Advisor to create a plan suited for you.


Invest in assets that give us sleep money

Passive income will help you reduce hours you work and reduce your reliance on your business. It will also provide an income in retirement.

Exit & Estate Planning

How to transfer wealth to the next generation ?

At some stage you will decide to exit the business and eventually leave your wealth to those you love. We help you exit your business and set up your affairs so that passing wealth to your loved ones is achieved stress-free with the least amounts payable in taxes.


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