Where there is a Will there is a Way. What if there is no Will?

Where there is a Will there is a Way. What if there is no Will?

Marvel fans will know who Chadwick Boseman was. He was the main lead in the film Black Panther. He also died in 2020 from colon cancer. He was 43.

There’s another thing. He had no Will when he died. And his estate was worth about Aus$3m.

Why he made no will, no one knows. Maybe he did not think it was important. Maybe he thought the person appointed to look after his estate would do the right thing.

But based on the law of intestacy his wife gets it all.

The trouble was that his parents came from humble beginnings and are now approaching their twilight years. They could have done with some extra cash, but technically they would get none, but based on how close Chadwick and his parents were it was highly likely Chadwick would have wanted some of his estates to go to his parents.

Except legally they would get nothing.

And this is the reason everyone needs a Will. What you would like to happen and what could happen is totally different.

Many people don’t have a Will. It is shocking how many families do not have Will prepared. It is as necessary as having breakfast in the morning.

The only person who does not need a will is someone who has no assets, no life insurance and could not give two hooks who got their smelly shoes.

If you do not fit that category, you need a Will.

But for Chadwick’s parents the ending was good. Chadwick’s wife agreed to split is estate into 2; one for her and one for his parents.

In this case the ending was what Chadwick would have liked. His wife was willing and so there was a way. But it could have gone so horribly wrong.

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