Think Time – Try It – It Works

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Think Time – Try It – It Works

I enjoy think time.

This is time I put away not thinking about anything but then ideas and things ‘pop in’ and I realize that was a great thought.

This inevitably means I rush into the office super excited and cannot wait to tell my team my latest ingenious idea. And this inevitably results in rolled eyes, head shaking and a bit of tut tutting as they realize my super ingenious idea is likely to be as successful as using the motor of a kitchen food blender to move the moon’s orbit.

But occasionally, my ingenious idea makes sense. And this all makes thinking time so valuable.

You see we are so ingrained in living our day-to-day lives trying to complete our ‘Never to-do list that we lose inspiration.

But I am glad to say I am not the only one who thinks this is a good idea.

Bill Gates was recently interviewed by Forbes Magazine. In the interview, Mr. Gates was asked

‘Why think time is so essential?”

Mr. Gates answered:

“Adult life is so easy to fill up with activities. The ability to step back and read deeply or think deeply or write up thoughts is largely missing.

And so I work hard on my schedule to make sure I’m not filling it up with too many things.

Since I retired from Microsoft in 2008, I don’t have to do it necessarily as one block, a week at a time, but I do set aside lots of days, and then I say, “Did I write the memo that I intended to write?” The act of writing–when you try to explain to someone else–is where you really are forced to think things through and not be sloppy in your thinking.”

If it works for him, we should all probably take note.

For me it is not a set number of days, although I have in the past cleared a week at a time to concentrate on just one thing. My thinking time is anytime I am alone or even washing the car. 

Everyone is different. What works for me or Mr. Gates may not work for you. But I would recommend that you:

  1. Be careful how you fill your calendar. I for example have a clear calendar every Friday and most Monday mornings.

  2. Set aside time to think or think when you have a boring activity.

  3. Do it regularly so that it becomes ingrained. After a while you brain adapts, and ideas and thoughts will flood in

  4. Think on paper. I love writing with a paper and pen although I appreciate that makes me old school. But it has been proven that when you write with a pen you are more likely to retain the thought than if it is typed.

    Now… Go THINK! You will thank me later!


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