The Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free

I had an enlightening conversation with a young doctor client recently. Well, I think he is young, but he may say otherwise.

Anyway, he was locked into the typical doctor conundrum. Long working hours, a fair amount of travel to get to and back from work but earning a fantastic income.

I had always known that he, together with is lovely wife, wanted a dream home. And a few years ago, they put into place a plan to build this dream home.

It meant selling an investment property and recently the decision to sell the current home which would allow them to borrow the maximum amount and build a $3m home on top the purchase of land. Ros and I were not convinced this was a good financial plan, but we always accept just because we do not think it is right it does not mean it is not right for our clients. As long as they understand what it means and are happy with it then the answer is right.

Then a few weeks ago an offer came though that was too good to ignore. The medical professional was offered a chance to purchase or become part of the practice they worked in. We had discussions and I had to inform him that if he wanted to purchase or be part of this practice he may not be able to build the dream home at the same time.

Tough decisions needed to be made. And boy did they make them.

Because they went back to basics and asked ‘what is it we want?’ I ask this question a lot from not only myself but clients too and if you are honest with yourself, it has the ability to remove boulders from shoulders. As Tony Robins says – ‘the truth will set you free.’

Because when my client asked this question his answer related to his recently born child, charity work he was doing (and wanting to do more) but living a life where work did not overtake everything he did.

He even asked where he wanted to work.

And from this he concluded, he would move interstate, contract for 3 days a week and do all the things he wants to do which would make his life fulfilling. It means the current home will be rented, and the dream home put on hold indefinitely. It will mean less earnings too in the short term but we decided we will come up with a plan to tackle that too in the next 12 months.

How does he and his wife feel? They are very excited and over the moon. They have effectively quit the rat race.

My response? As I said it was enlightening. It is not often I get these types of calls.

Many will say he is brave. Many will say he is stupid. Many will be envious. I think it is outside the box thinking and if I have learnt anything in life it is that experiences will trump everything else in life.

I have mentioned before that when I decide to do or not do something I consider myself aged 90 in a rocking chair. At that age all we have left is memories of our experiences. At the age of 90 and looking back what would I feel if I did something? More importantly, what would I fell if I did not?

And I think that when my doctor client sits in his rocking chair aged 90, I have a feeling he won’t even think about the dream home he may never build. But I am confident he will have a massive smile on his face for doing what he is about to do and be proud that he did not conform to society and his peers whatever that may mean.

And at the end of the day that is all that matters.

But if you are in a similar position but don’t know where to start try the following:

Ask yourself:

  1. Where are you in life right now?
  2.  Where do you want to be? – DO NOT say where you do NOT want to be
  3.  Why do you want it?
  4. How do you think you will get there?
  5. What must happen to have the best year of your life?

But experience has also taught me that asking these questions once is not good enough. To get to the real truth you have to ask these questions 7 times. On the 7th attempt you will really know what you want and where you want to go.

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