The End of the Financial Year Is Here. Time to Plan for 2024!

The End of the Financial Year Is Here. Time to Plan for 2024!

As business owners, we often get so involved in the day to running of our businesses we often forget to plan and set goals.

We all know we should do it. But other things just get in the way.

As a leader, you have one job. Create a vision. Then sell it to the team. That means you have to influence them, cajole them, make them believe, and then get them to do things even they did not think they can do.

That is what real leaders do.

And if you can do this it is amazing what your team will deliver for you.

I have a young team. I believe in them. But a while back I felt they did not believe in themselves. Once you give them confidence and belief a young team has the ability to bypass any obstacle.

But a leader then needs to show them the vision otherwise they will not know what to do.

And for that, all businesses need a business map.

So, what should you be planning for in 2024?

Here are a few things to get you thinking:

  • Do we have a defined mission?

If your team does not what the goal is then there no chance you are going to get there. What is your business about? Customers buy emotions never a product or service. So what emotions are you selling?

  • Do we have a defined vision?

Team members love a vision and will be happy to deliver it – but only if they know what it is. Hard to deliver something you know nothing about.

  • What are the business’s core values?

I have become a real believer in core values. Get them right and it allows the business owner to walk away and the team will instantly know how you want the business to be run.

They will tell you who you want working for you, the type of customers you want to work with, and what as a organisations you are not prepared to tolerate.

  • Who are our ideal clients?

This is often neglected. But get this right and customer churn stops. You work with loyal ones who value what you do and they in turn become raving fans.

  • What value do we give to our customers and how do we sell it?

Work on this and then ask ‘How do we make it better?’

  • Set some Achievable Goals then break them down into 90, 180, 270, and 365-day goals.

Many business owners think this is too hard or will take too long. But it won’t.

You should be able to do this in about 4-6 hours.

6 Hours for a complete year of planning. If you are not prepared to do that then you are not prepared to be serious about your business. And if you are not serious about your business, don’t complain when your team isn’t. You have to walk the talk.

Talk to us about a review of your 2024 planning

Keeping your business plans up to date and refreshed is a big part of keeping your company ahead of the competition. As your adviser, we’ll help you review your 2024 plan and find the areas where you need to tweak, upgrade and refocus your strategy and targets.

Drop us a line to arrange a planning meeting. It could be the most important move you make towards making 2023 your best year yet.


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