So you don’t think you can invest?

So you don’t think you can invest?

I get it.

If you have average or just above average income, you may think it is not possible to invest. You may think that your Super will be enough.

Maybe. But honestly? I think that is just crap.

Have you heard of Theodore Johnson?

He was a UPS driver whose maximum earnings in a year was $14,000, which is the year he retired. When he started work, he was told to invest 20% in the stock market, so for 30 years, that is what he did. Add another 40 years, which allowed the investment to grow, and they grew to a whopping $70 million.

The catch? Well, he retired in 1952, so $14,000 then is about $120,000 today. But that is just above the average income for a family in Australia. He only invested for 30 years and left the rest to grow for another 40 years. That’s 70 years, and many of us don’t even live that long.

I also get that living in 1952 is a little bit different from today, so it’s not the same.

But to be honest, even if you manage to generate 10% or $7M over a shorter period, would you take it? I think you would.

So, if it can be done, why can’t we do it?

Well, below are some things you can do to help you along the way to investments that make you wealthy or generate a second income.

Change Your Thinking!

What you want to do and what your mind wants to do is usually quite different. You think it will be the same. It won’t. Your mind will always win, and your mind is not logical.

Most people view money in terms of what it can get them right now — like an expensive new vehicle or a house. But this can make it harder to build wealth, regardless of income. It is why people who earn huge incomes go broke.

Those who want to become rich may want to start thinking about money in terms of its long-term value instead.

It is easy to fall into the trap known as ‘must-haves’ — things they have become convinced they must have to maintain some lifestyle.

Want an example?

When you borrow as much as you can to buy a house. If your lender is willing to give it, most of us will take it. But maybe a less expensive house that meets your needs may be better.

I am a believer in this. I have a modest home, even though I am more than capable of having a much larger and expensive home. But the fact that I do have a modest home has allowed me to have a home that was debt-free before the age of 38.

Money gives us units of choices. I just decided that the value of financial freedom is more important than a bigger home.

Focus on Investing Rather Than Spending

Let me ask you a question. When you get paid, do you think about how much you will invest or how much you need for spending?

If you spend money with a strategy of investing, you can create wealth. If you spend without an investment strategy, then wealth will be elusive.

That does not mean you do not spend on things you want and on those that bring a smile to your face. You must do that, but keep in mind you need to look forward to it, too.

Get a Second Income Stream

Yeah, I know it sounds great, and if you check the internet or go on TikTok, there are lots of ideas. The problem? Most don’t work or are impractical or designed to get the influencer a second income from your money and you might get a peanut.

I have been in the ‘generating a second income for some time.’

And I will tell you there are no easy routes, but a long-term strategy will work. The stock market and property are known to generate a second income, but not instantly. Sometimes, it may mean spending investment money to generate a future second income.

I have generated a second income stream through property. When I bought them, I only borrowed to ensure the properties were revenue-neutral even though I could borrow more and get tax benefits. Over time, with rent increase, the properties generate a second income, and if anything, my taxes are higher.

But remember, our objective is to become wealthy and generate a second income, not to pay less taxes.

Be clear on what it is you want.

Invest in Yourself

Many think that to become wealthy, you must be clever. Or be a natural at it.

The reality is that I know a lot of dumb people who have become wealthy, not because they know something you don’t, but it is because they educated themselves, kept it simple and followed a system.

And yes, educating yourself costs money, but get the right educator, and you should be on the right track. Getting someone to show you how they did it is even better. But be careful; those Tic Tok guys will show you what you want to see. Most of them just make money out of you. You want someone who makes money out of you but, in the meantime, is invested and really wants to make a crapload of money for you, too.

Investing is step 7 of our 9 steps to creating more time, more money and more wealth. If you would like to know more, contact hitesh at or Ros at or call 0731619548 .


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