Mindset Determines Where We Go

Mindset Determines Where We Go

We all know this.

Yet it is easy to forget.

And ….. if you are not particularly motivated mindset can do exactly the opposite.

But I have been told multiple times that repeating something many times results in it being automatic.

How we speak to ourselves is just one way we can either lift ourselves or drop ourselves. And if we repeat these up and downs enough times it can automatically lift or deflate us.

I have had the luxury of speaking to some very successful businesspeople. I have also had the chance to speak to those who may not be in business but are truly inspiring. And one thing I have always found. Skills and knowledge are important but not as much as you think.

What you say to yourself is more important. But what you say must resonate and be said from the heart. If you do not say it from your heart, you do not believe which means you don’t have conviction.

Some of the words I have used that have helped me

  1. “It always works out – in the end”

Sometimes we try to look too far into the future. And that makes it uncertain. Uncertainty makes us less confident, and confidence is what drives us to do whatever it is you want to do.

I use this term often – it does not mean I will get the goal I want but I will reach a destination and that destination may give me something I would not have had otherwise.

Think of it this way. Ever been on a road trip, got lost and ended up somewhere else? And at somewhere else you find a fascinating monument, or you find a beautiful view or eat at a memorable restaurant?

You aim was not to go there but once you did you experience something you still enjoy.

But if you never made the move in the first place you never get any experience.

Sometimes you get the worst ending – you end up in the desert and your car breaks down. But again, it’s not the end of the world – unless you say to yourself it is.

  1. “We will work it out”

This is a term I use with my team a lot. There are times I have no idea how to work it out but if anything, my business has taught me it is this.

We always find a way.

It could be unexpected expenditure. It could be team members being away or not performing. It could be customers being difficult. You will always have problems and problems don’t go away. They simply come back in another form.

But if you believe you will work it out somehow you will.

  1. “It Is What It Is.”

Another one I use a lot especially when I fell ill recently. I can tell you when you fall ill it can be the most miserable thing in the world because while the body refuses to co-operate your mind wants to go at 100 kph and pulls you back.

Sometimes we cannot change our circumstances. We must live with them. Acceptance of that allows you to adapt and make changes. Refusal to accept will only leave you miserable and constantly looking for someone or something to blame.

These are three things I say to myself often and I often say them to my team too. What phrases are words work for you?


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